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“How much should I charge?”

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LanceRates is a free rate sharing service designed for freelance consultants in any field who are unsure what they should charge for their work. By making market rates readily available in a wide array of fields, we hope to foster a more educated (and wealthy!) freelance community. In short, we wish to become the definitive answer to the question “How much should I charge?” in fields ranging from web development to home contracting. If you know how much to charge, you can help your fellow freelancers out by telling us - and if you don't, you can use the submitted answers to guide your own rates.

We don't just store, though - we analyze. In addition to a variety of descriptive statistics and charts about rate data, we also train advanced machine learning algorithms on our data in realtime and make their predictions available to you - meaning that if you give us some optional information about your education, experience, and skill, we will return a rate suggestion based on the responses of other users. Traditional rate reporting services for salaried jobs (we haven't found any others for freelancers) just give you an average. LanceRates goes WAY beyond that - and in the rare case that we don't do your sort of analysis, we also provide anonymized raw data for any job right on that job's page so you can crunch the numbers yourself.

And the best part? It's all FREE and anonymous. You don't need to register with us. You don't need to give us any information that can be used to identify you. And you won't need to pay to use any of the site's features. It's all at your fingertips.

We're hoping to eventually support this site with either ads or donations - for now, we'll start without ads and see what happens. Since the whole premise of this site is to help people receive fair compensation for their work, we hope that our visitors will recognize the value of the service we provide and the effort that went into creating it. We're members of the freelance community too, after all. However, we do not charge a fee because we understand how important it is to have free and unfettered access to market information.

This means you have the fullest possible extent of information required to make an informed decision about what to charge. Real rates. No restrictions. No fees. So how much should you charge? Let's find out!

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